"Label made: The story of Captured Tracks"

Last month, my editor Carly Carioli walked over to my desk and asked if I had any interest in going to New York in December, to “spend some time with the people who run Captured Tracks and then write a 2500-word piece about it”. (Carly, myself, and our music editor Michael Marotta are all huge fans of the label. We all have pretty different music tastes, but can almost always agree that every Captured Tracks release rules. Plus The Phoenix is presenting a Soft Moon show at TT’s in January, and a Widowspeak show at Great Scott the week after.)

Of course I was psyched on the idea, so last month I went down to Brooklyn and interviewed the label’s staff, talked to some of the bands, went to a warehouse sale they had, went to some shows, etc. In the following weeks, I interviewed Caesar from the Wake, Ryan from Pitchfork, and a few others. The piece was just published online today.  At first it felt odd to be writing such a lengthy history of a label that’s barely 5 years old, but Captured Tracks is a rarity, and really merits it. Also a rarity is The Phoenix. I am glad to be working at a print publication that still values this sort of long-form music journalism.

Anyways, the print version will be available on December 28th with the collage I made above as well as several more photos by Ian Perlman.